Dessert Trials: Traditional Creme Brulee

As we had a long bank holiday weekend this meant plenty of time to play in the kitchen of our shiny apartment (we’ve been here almost 8 months so it’s still new & shiny to us!)

As part of the boyf’s christmas present I bought him a kitchen blow-torch (I promise I was thinking about him when I bought it and not the wonderful creme brulee’s he could cook me- honest!).

Lee’s attempt at dessert heaven was made up of the dreamy combination of vanilla, glorious double cream topped with molten sugar- he made a traditional creme brulee.

He started by splitting a vanilla pod and scraping out the gooey brown seeds into a pan of double cream. This was gently heated to infuse the vanilla into the cream. In a separate bowl he then combined egg yolks to sugar and whisked until the mixture turned a pale yellow colour. Then slowly poured the warmed cream mixture on top of the yolk mixture stirring slowly.

Heart meltingly good!

Preheat the oven to 140°C and using a bain marie (Lee used a make-shift bain marie by filling a roasting dish with some hot water). The creamy mixture was then added to ramekins which were placed in the bain marie so that the water reached half way up the outsides of the ramekins. The dish was then popped in the oven for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes he allowed to cool slightly before sprinkling caster sugar over the top and caramelising using his new toy; a kitchen blow-torch.

Once solidified the creme brulee’s were popped into the fridge until we could bear it no longer and had to scoff the lot!


About kittenkirst

I'm a girl obsessed with all things food. Sweet, savoury, salty and everything inbetween captures my imagination! My favourite thing to do is spend hours leisurely reading from my cookbook collection and reading food blogs.....bliss! Feel free to have a nose at my blog and offer any suggestions or ideas!
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2 Responses to Dessert Trials: Traditional Creme Brulee

  1. thehungrymum says:

    Such a gorgeous dessert, and I just love your heart-shaped ramekins.

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