Dessert Trials Continued: Rhubarb Custard Crumble Tarts

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables is something that nutritionists, chefs and farmers alike all shout about. With this in mind and due to the fact that my favourite season is still ages away (autumn with its beautiful harvest of orange pumpkins, jewel coloured leaves, Halloween and Bonfire night) I felt a little glum on our fruit shop. Glum that is, until I spotted some glossy pink rhubarb!

However, on getting home I was smacked with the realisation that I’ve never really liked rhubarb; it’s always been a touch too sharp for my tastes. But, as I now had a few stalks of the stuff I thought it best to have a play. A few taps on the keyboard aided by the wonders that is google and I had a new recipe to try Rhubarb Custard Crumble Tart (Recipe here).

I have a few adjustments to the recipe that I will try next time I make the tart:

  • Halve the pastry mix quantity.
  • Reduce the cooking time for the rhubarb to keep its firmness.
  • Reduce the crumble mix to a quarter of that stated or just
  • Omit the crumble mix altogether.

This tart is lovely to eat and the combination of the sweet, tart rhubarb with the creamy vanilla of the custard is superb but I found that the quantities in the recipe are just far too much.

The pastry was deliciously light and smooth, but there was one issue with it; the quantity. The quantity stated in the recipe allowed me to make a large tart cases, 2 small tart cases and still have enough left to pop on the fridge for another night!


The custard and roasted rhubarb components were easy to make and came out well; next time I will keep a closer eye on the rhubarb to prevent it from getting too squishy!

I made the crumble mixture but again feel that there was far too much; I had enough for the 3 tarts, 2 ramekins of rhubarb crumble & a stash of mix for the freezer. In honesty, if I make this recipe again I will omit the crumble as I didn’t feel that it added to the recipe.

Due to the amounts of dessert this recipe has left me with I have so far donated the two smaller tarts to a colleague at work and the two ramekins of rhubarb crumble will be going the same way tomorrow. After all, there is only so much dessert one couple can eat!

Too much pudding!


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One Response to Dessert Trials Continued: Rhubarb Custard Crumble Tarts

  1. marystumbles says:

    I’m loving your blog but it is making me hungry!

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