Lemon meringue cupcakes- Little drops of heaven

I’m often prone to acting on whims ( I may have forgotten to mention the snowboards & clothes we bought on the spur of the moment having only had one lesson!!). However some things I like to meticulously plan, down to every last detail.

Take these cupcakes for instance. I adore lemon meringue pie and have fond memories of making it with my big brother & my nan (& sometimes my mum) when we were little. As an adult I’ve not really indulged for fear of it not living up to my treasured memories.

20121004-203954.jpg Lemon Myrtle sugar bought from a stall at the GoodFood show.

I wanted to try something a little different and so set about looking through our array of cook books. Finding nothing to satisfy my desire, I scoured the net until I found this wonderful blog Lemon Meringue Cupcakes! Go on…!

I poured over the recipe for about a fortnight, reading & rereading it and debating whether it was beyond my baking skills. (My cupcakes never quite seem to live up to my expectations you see!).

On Tuesday the netball fixtures were cancelled which provided the perfect time to play + the boyfriend went off to play footie leaving me to make a mess in the kitchen to my hearts content! Also it was one of my lovely teams birthdays the following day so perfect reason to splurge on some baking goodies!

The cupcakes were easy peasy to make; I reduced the lemon juice content by half as the birthday girl had expressed she didn’t like them too tart. I also replaced 1/3 cup of sugar with lemon myrtle sugar to add another level of depth.
Before they went in the oven:


I shortened the baking time as
a) my oven seems to cremate items in a split second &
b) because the mix seemed fairly dry.

Mine were in for 15 mins as had preheated the oven. The cocktail stick trick (insert cocktail stick in middle, if comes out clean it’s done) worked for me!

Once they had finished baking in the oven I popped them on a wire rack to cool.

The next element was to make the meringue (or 7 minute frosting as Martha Stewart calls it). This required my trusty Tala confectionary thermometer. As we don’t have a freestanding mixing bowl and whisk, my obliging boyfriend (who was by then home) kept the electric whisk going in the meringue mix whilst I slowly poured in the molten caramel. That boy must trust me huh!

After spooning a teaspoon of lemon curd – the recipe stated 1 tablespoon but I felt that was a step too far. (I must at this point state that I used shop-bought lemon curd, but next time I will attempt to make my own). I then piped the meringue mix onto the cupcakes. I used a small nozzle to start and the effect wasn’t too great, so I changed to a larger piping nozzle & boy what a difference that made.

The most exciting part of the cakes was using the kitchen torch to toast the meringue :0D

When I next make these little drops of yellow sunshine again, I will halve both the cupcake recipe & the frosting recipe as there was so much left over that I popped it in a loaf tin and made a loaf cake. Although that certainly earned me a few brownie points from the boufriend after his footie training!

A few arty pics of the cupcakes:








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I'm a girl obsessed with all things food. Sweet, savoury, salty and everything inbetween captures my imagination! My favourite thing to do is spend hours leisurely reading from my cookbook collection and reading food blogs.....bliss! Feel free to have a nose at my blog and offer any suggestions or ideas!
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4 Responses to Lemon meringue cupcakes- Little drops of heaven

  1. bakingaddict says:

    I love lemon meringue pie and have been wanting to make these cupcakes ever since I saw Eric Lanlard make them on TV but I can’t figure out how to use the blowtorch!

    • kittenkirst says:

      Ha ha, we have a very basic one that I bought for part of my boyfriends Christmas present (mainly because I love creme brulee!).Definitely give these cupcakes a go- they went down a storm at work :0)

  2. Luffy Moogan says:

    Wow these look scrumptious. I must give them a try! Also, great photos!

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