Halloween Hi-Jinx! Chocolate coffin cakes and 6ft ghosts!

So pretty much everyone who has ever met me knows



how much I adore Halloween. Since a little girl I’ve been obsessed with all things ghoulish especially the year my auntie sent me a real broomstick in the post!


Halloween Flowers!  What is not to adore?

Halloween Flowers! What is not to adore?

Last September we moved into our apartment 80 miles from our home town. This therefore provided the perfect reason for a mini halloween party & an opportunity to bake!

Any excuse for fancy dress. Say cheese:

A scary bunch!

A scary bunch!


Me in one of my favourite places!

Of course, I went a little OTT on the food prep: mounds of jelly sweets, ghoulish crisps and homemade gingerbreads in spooky shapes (gingerbread kitty anyone?) as well as the gingerbread topped coffin cake below. Who said Halloween can’t be cute?


The original recipe came from a copy of GoodFood magazine linked here for ease. However I have adapted the recipe in that the baking time differs and the gravestones are different!

For the chocolate cake base the recipe states that it only takes 30 minutes to cook however I felt that this was drastically underdone (even in my crematorium -lol- of an oven) so ended up leaving it in for 65 minutes, creating a foil cover to prevent any overcolouring after 30 minutes. Only then did it complete the skewer trick.

I didn’t create the meringue ghosts as it had got fairly late and I hadn’t yet experienced creating meringues (now I’ve had a fair few attempts I wouldn’t worry about this and just give them a bash!).

To add an extra edge to the cake, and as I had decided to make my own gingerbread biscuits anyway, I used a basic gingerbread recipe to make the gravestones (instead of the Rich Tea fingers used in the recipe). Spooky gingerbread

I used those easy icing pens to draw ‘RIP’ and other spooky embellishments onto the gingerbread and onto the cake! The cake was deliciously moist and the leftovers were taken into work for the team to demolish! I must admit I was rather proud of this little delight!


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