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Random food pics from 2012!

Stuffed rolled lamb breast The finished article (excuse poor photo) Lavender eggless biscuits Dauphinoise potatoes Chocolate orange buttons Chicken & triple cooked chips Amazing chocolate tarts from Good Food show! beef bourguignon with parmesan dumplings & greens Mexican/Mayan delights! Advertisements

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Chocolate Honeycomb (or Hokey Pokey) in Jars

Another of my ideas for gifts in jars for Christmas presents (overview post here) was to make cinder toffee, which is also known as honeycomb or hokey pokey. I have attempted to make this about a year before on a … Continue reading

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Cinnamon pull-apart bread

Christmas provides me with the perfect reason (read that as excuse!) for baking. It’s far more socially acceptable to take trays of cakes to the office and to bake more decadent dishes for guests. Who doesn’t adore sugar, cinnamon smeared … Continue reading

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Raspberry Marshmallow Gooeyness!

Another offering for my Christmas gifts in jars project was to make marshmallows. Ever since I was 14 and working in my local coffee shop which served the most sumptuous hot chocolate smothered in marshmallows & cream I have had … Continue reading

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